What is the maximum height supported?

PVY Z20 Pro are adjustable via seatpost for riders between 150cm and 200cm in height.

What is the battery specification model and size?

The battery used in PVY Z20 Pro model is a 36V 10.4Ah lithium battery. It provides a reliable power source for your rides, ensuring a long-lasting and efficient performance.

Does PVY Z20 Pro have CE certification?

Our products do indeed come with CE certification.You can download the relevant CE certificates from the product page.

How long is the battery warranty?

PVY Z20 Pro batteries are covered by a 1-year prorated warranty.

Note:For batteries, the warranty does not cover damage caused by electrical surges, improper use of chargers, improper maintenance or other such misuse, normal wear and tear or water damage, improper storage (below -20° or above +45°)

Does PVY Z20 PRO support unlocking speed limit? How to unlock it?

Yes, PVY Z20 Pro supports unlocking. By default, the maximum speed of the e-bike is set to 25 km/h to comply with regulations. However, after unlocking the bike, you can increase the maximum speed to 32 km/h.

To learn how to unlock the PVY Z20 Pro, please visit the following Video.

How to unlock PVY Z20 PRO speed limit?