What is the crankset size of PVY Z20 PLUS?

The crankset of PVY Z20 PLUS crankset is 52T, and the crank is 170mm

What is the front fork travel and inclination angle of PVY Z20 PLUS?

The front fork compression stroke of PVY Z20 PLUS is about 60mm, and the inclination angle is 71 degrees

What is the length of the rear shock absorber of PVY Z20 PLUS?

PVY Z20 PLUS rear shock absorber screw center distance is 150mm

Does PVY Z20 PLUS have CE certification?

Our products do indeed come with CE certification.You can download the relevant CE certificates from the product page.

Does PVY Z20 PLUS support unlocking speed limit? How to unlock it?

Yes, PVY Z20 PLUS supports unlocking. By default, the maximum speed of the e-bike is set to 25 km/h to comply with regulations.

However, with the bike unlocked, you can increase the top speed to 39 km/h for the Z20 PLUS 500 and 50 km/h for the Z20 PLUS 1000

To learn how to unlock PVY Z20 PLUS, visit the video below.

How to unlock PVY Z20 PLUS speed limit?