The PVY Z20 Plus 1000 vs. Engwe Pro: A Comprehensive Comparison

The PVY Z20 Plus 1000 vs. Engwe Pro: A Comprehensive Comparison

Oct 04, 2023

The PVY Z20 Plus 1000 vs. Engwe Pro: A Comprehensive Comparison


When it comes to choosing an electric bike, the market offers a plethora of options. Two standout models, the PVY Z20 Plus 1000 and the Engwe Pro (Upgraded Version), have garnered attention for their impressive specifications and features. In this comparison, we'll delve into the details and highlight why the PVY Z20 Plus 1000 stands out as the superior choice.


Power and Performance

PVY Z20 Plus 1000

Maximum Speed: 25 km/h (unlockable to 50 km/h)

Torque: 100 Nm

Motor: 250W (unlockable to 1000W)

Frame: Aluminium Alloy

Engwe Pro (Upgraded Version)

Motor: 750W (peak at 960W)

Torque: 55 Nm

Frame: 20" Aluminum Alloy Folding Frame

Analysis: The PVY Z20 Plus 1000 outshines the Engwe Pro in terms of power and torque, offering riders a more robust and dynamic riding experience. With the option to unlock higher speeds, the PVY e-bike caters to those seeking an adrenaline-pumping ride.


Battery and Range

PVY Z20 Plus 1000

Battery: 48V / 16.5 Ah, Li-ion 18650

Range: 120 km

Charging Time: 5 hours


Engwe Pro (Upgraded Version)

Battery: 48V13ah Lithium Battery (upgradable to 16Ah)

Range: 80-120 km

Charging Time: Not specified

Analysis: The PVY Z20 Plus 1000 boasts a larger battery capacity, translating to an impressive 120 km range on a single charge. This means riders can cover more ground without worrying about recharging.


Suspension and Terrain Adaptability

PVY Z20 Plus 1000

Front Suspension Fork

Rear Mechanical Shock Absorber

Tyre: 20 * 4.0 inch Fat Tyre

Engwe Pro (Upgraded Version)

Dual Suspension

Tyre: 20 * 4.0 inch All-Terrain Fat Tyre

Analysis: The PVY Z20 Plus 1000's combination of front suspension and rear mechanical shock absorber provides a superior level of comfort and stability, especially on rough or uneven terrain. This ensures a smoother ride compared to the Engwe Pro.


Additional Features

PVY Z20 Plus 1000

Full-Color IPX5 Display

Integrated Headlamp (1200 lumens) and Tail Light with Brake Light

Folded Dimensions: 690 * 380 * 740 mm

Engwe Pro (Upgraded Version)

Centered LCD Display

Back Storage Rack and Fenders

Analysis: The PVY Z20 Plus 1000 offers a comprehensive set of features, including powerful lighting and a convenient display. The inclusion of an integrated tail light with brake light enhances safety, making it a standout choice.


Price Point

PVY Z20 Plus 1000: £1149

Engwe Pro (Upgraded Version): €1,429.00 (approximately £1,210)


Analysis: While the Engwe Pro offers competitive features, it comes at a higher price point compared to the PVY Z20 Plus 1000, making the PVY e-bike a more cost-effective choice.



In this comprehensive comparison, the PVY Z20 Plus 1000 emerges as the superior choice due to its exceptional power, range, comfort, and value for money. With its cutting-edge technology and rider-centric design, PVY continues to set the standard for e-bikes in the market. Choose PVY for an unparalleled riding experience that combines performance, sustainability, and innovation.

Oct 04, 2023