Essential Safety Gear for your ebike

Essential Safety Gear for your ebike

Jul 13, 2023

Essential Safety Gear for your ebike

Ebikes are becoming increasingly popular but it has also become increasingly important to prioritize safety when riding them. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most important safety equipment for ebike riders.


One of the most important pieces of safety equipment for ebike riders, is the helmet which can protect your head in case of an accident, and potentially save your life. When selecting a helmet, ensure it fits properly, is comfortable to wear, and meets safety standards set by organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or the European Standard for Bicycle Helmets (EN 1078).

Remember to replace your helmet after any significant impact, as it may have sustained damage not visible to the naked eye.

High visibility clothing

High visibility clothing will make you more visible to other road users at night or when it is less light. This type of clothing can be in the form of a vest, jacket or leg wear.

Bike lights and reflectors

Front and rear lights along with reflectors will further increase your visibility to other road users in low-light conditions along with making you able to see further ahead of you. Come countries like the UK, it is a legal requirement to have lights for when riding at night.


A mirror will enable you to see what behind without having to turn your head which will be very helpful when riding in traffic. Mirrors can be attached to the handlebars or helmet, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Horn or bell

Horns or bells are another useful safety feature for ebike riders which will alert pedestrians or other road users of your presence and help prevent accidents. Holland, Australia, Northern Ireland, Germany are countries where it is required by law to have a horn or bell on your bike.


Gloves provide protection for your hands in case of an accident. They can also provide warmth and grip for your hands for better control.

Knee and elbow pads

Knee and elbow pads provide increased protection in case of a fall by preventing scrapes, cuts, and bruises and along with more serious injuries such as fractures.


A lock is essential for keeping your ebike safe when you're not riding it. Select a lock that is sturdy and lock your bike to a solid object like a bike rack or pole.


Fenders will help keep both yourself and your ebike clean and dry when riding in wet or muddy conditions. They will also help prevent water or mud splashing onto other road users.

Anti-theft GPS tracker

An anti-theft GPS tracker can help you recover your ebike if it is stolen. These devices can be attached to your bike and can track its location using GPS.


The most essential equipment is the helmet as it protects your head from bumps and crashes. But it is not so obvious to know which type to choose.  You would want to balance cost with protection and build quality.

Protective Glasses

Insects can fly into your mouth or eyes when cycling as can dust, stones and debris when riding on gravel or tarmac. Wrap-around sunglasses offer protection against this and dazzling from the sun or car headlights if you choose tinted and polarised lenses. They will also shield your eyes from wind and rain.

Bike kit

A bike kit will help fix any issues and potentially prevent an accident. In a bike kit, it is good practice to include:

  • A set of allen keys to tighten your handlebars or adjust your seat height. A small bike-pump to top up your tyres if they lose pressure or you get a flat
  • A puncture repair kit to repair a flat tyre
  • Your mobile phone to contact emergency services or family for assistance when needed along with a portable power bank to keep up the phone’s battery level
  • A drink to keep you hydrated
  • A first aid kit to help with any cuts or grazes



For safety, one more thing to invest in, other than equipment is specialist cycling insurance. This will give you cover for damage, personal accident and theft to help you return to cycling if something goes wrong.

Jul 13, 2023