Environmental benefits of ebikes

Environmental benefits of ebikes

Jul 07, 2023

Environmental benefits of ebikes

Ebikes are an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a petrol vehicle. Whether you choose a regular or folding ebike, you’ll both improve your physical and mental health and reduce your carbon footprint. These are the main reasons why ebikes are better for the environment.

Zero emissions

Ebikes help you to reach your destination faster than a regular bike with the aid of an electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery. The main environmental benefit of this is that it does not emit any harmful emissions. Air pollution is a significant problem in many of the major cities. Despite measures taken to help clean up the air, nitrous oxide, emitted mainly from diesel cars is damaging to the respiratory system and contributes to premature deaths every year. An ebike does not emit any fumes, so riding one will contribute to fresher air (especially in urban areas) whilst helping you to get fitter.


Lithium-ion batteries are the most environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. PVY batteries are rechargeable, durable, and have a range of up to 75 km per charge, meaning you can reach your destination with little effort. The batteries can also be recycled instead of going into landfill.

Charging your ebike

A useful tip is to charge your bike overnight because as demand for energy generally decreases during the night, the power supplied is usually excess power produced by the energy companies. Using this energy is more environmentally friendly and sometimes cheaper than at other times of the day.

Ebikes vs petrol and diesel vehicles

Ebikes are estimated to be 18 times more energy-efficient than SUVs or 4x4s, 13 times more energy-efficient than a saloon car and 6 times more energy-efficient than rail.

Ebikes use electric power, along with human power to push them forward. It is estimated that on  average, a fuel powered vehicle has a fuel economy of around 22 miles per gallon and each vehicle drives around 11,500 miles every year. This creates around 8,887 grams of carbon dioxide. Being a greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming. Ebikes however, release zero carbon emissions making their use more beneficial for the environment.

If the battery attached to the bike was charged using clean and green solar power, this would be using 100% environmentally friendly energy. In contrast, a petrol vehicle emits around 6 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a year, with larger vehicles and especially those running on diesel emitting much more.

Protecting roads

Electric bikes, compared to cars, are very light weight, so they do not cause damage to the roads like these other types of transport. Also, when the roads need to be repaired, large vehicles will need to be deployed which produce more pollution, so using an ebike will have a further positive impact on the environment as they will not contribute to damaging roads.

E-bike batteries require minimal power

Even when travelling to work just once a week on an ebike can positively impact on the environment. The energy required to power a bike battery is minimal especially when compared to the power needed for a motorcycle or a car. And with more and more of the world’s energy being produced from sustainable sources, it’s an environmental double win.

Ebikes are designed to be used for many years and can be serviced, maintained and repaired. As the battery can also be replaced, every part can be reused and recycled on an ebike.

Going off-road

Ebikes can take you to places that cars cannot as they are small, lightweight and can easily handle rough terrain. This makes them excellent for off-roading. Many national parks allow visitors to use ebikes, which allow exploration of new places to connect with nature.

Health benefits

Medical experts say that cycling for two and a half hours every week is beneficial for the health. Both ebikes and regular ones can help you achieve this. Riding to work daily, could help achieve or exceed the recommended weekly amount. In doing so, you will be contributing to a healthier life which can lead to a healthier environment.

Moderate exercises from riding ebikes can help people with pre-existing conditions, such as obesity and type-2 diabetes, contributes to better cardiovascular fitness and mental health. A healthy nation will lead to a healthy environment and e-biking will surely contribute.

Jul 07, 2023