A Comprehensive Comparison: PVY Z20 Pro vs. Hitway BK6S E-Bikes

A Comprehensive Comparison: PVY Z20 Pro vs. Hitway BK6S E-Bikes

Jan 19, 2024

A Comprehensive Comparison: PVY Z20 Pro vs. Hitway BK6S E-Bikes


Electric bikes have become increasingly popular, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative for commuting and leisure rides. In this blog, we'll compare two notable e-bikes: the PVY Z20 Pro and the Hitway BK6S. While both models boast impressive features, we'll delve into the details to highlight the superior aspects of the PVY Z20 Pro.


Motor Power and Torque:

PVY Z20 Pro: 250W (Unlockable to 500W), 50N

Hitway BK6S: 250W, 32N

The PVY Z20 Pro takes the lead with a higher torque rating, providing more power for a smoother and more responsive riding experience.

Battery Performance:

PVY Z20 Pro: 36V 10.4Ah (Built-in removable battery)

Hitway BK6S: 36V 11.2Ah (External removable battery)

Although the Hitway BK6S has a slightly higher battery capacity, the PVY Z20 Pro's built-in removable battery adds convenience, eliminating the need for external components.



PVY Z20 Pro: 80KM

Hitway BK6S: 35KM-90KM

The PVY Z20 Pro offers a consistent and impressive 80KM mileage, ensuring reliable performance throughout your journey.


Braking System:

Both e-bikes feature a dual disc brake system, ensuring reliable and efficient stopping power. It's a tie in this category.

Tire Size and Front Fork:

PVY Z20 Pro: 20×2.3, Shock fork

Hitway BK6S: 20×3.0, Shock fork

The PVY Z20 Pro maintains a good balance with a slightly narrower tire size, promoting agility without compromising stability. The shock fork in both models provides a smooth ride.



PVY Z20 Pro: 6 Speeds transmission

Hitway BK6S: 7 Speeds transmission

While the Hitway BK6S offers an additional speed, the PVY Z20 Pro's 6-speed transmission ensures a versatile range suitable for various terrains.

Maximum Load:

PVY Z20 Pro: 150kg

Hitway BK6S: 120kg

The PVY Z20 Pro caters to a higher maximum load, accommodating a wider range of users.


Maximum Speed:

PVY Z20 Pro: 25km/h (Unlockable to 32km/h)

Hitway BK6S: 25km/h

The PVY Z20 Pro allows for a faster unlocked speed, providing more flexibility for riders who seek a swifter commute.


Waterproof Level:

PVY Z20 Pro: IPX5

Hitway BK6S: IP54

The PVY Z20 Pro maintains a solid waterproof rating, ensuring resistance to water splashes during your rides.


Body Material:

Both e-bikes feature an aluminum alloy frame, providing durability and a lightweight design.


Folding Size and Net Weight:

PVY Z20 Pro: 89cm*38cm*65cm, 22kg

Hitway BK6S: 90cm*50cm*79cm, 27.5kg

The PVY Z20 Pro excels in both folding size and net weight, offering a more compact and lightweight design for enhanced portability and storage.


While both the PVY Z20 Pro and Hitway BK6S are commendable e-bikes, the PVY Z20 Pro stands out with its higher torque, built-in removable battery, consistent mileage, and superior maximum load capacity. Additionally, the PVY Z20 Pro's unlockable higher speed and lighter weight make it a compelling choice for riders seeking a versatile and efficient electric bike.

Jan 19, 2024