A Comprehensive Comparison: ADO A20+ vs. PVY Z20 Pro

A Comprehensive Comparison: ADO A20+ vs. PVY Z20 Pro

Oct 23, 2023

A Comprehensive Comparison: ADO A20+ vs. PVY Z20 Pro


When it comes to folding electric bicycles, two models have been making waves in the market: the ADO A20+ and the PVY Z20 Pro. Both offer impressive features and specifications, but today we'll delve into why the Z20 Pro stands out as the superior choice. Let's take a closer look.


Motor Power and Torque:

ADO A20+: 250W (350W unlockable)

PVY Z20 Pro: 250W (500W unlockable) ,50 Nm torque

The Z20 Pro boasts comparable motor power with an impressive torque rating. This means it delivers a smooth and powerful ride, especially on inclines.


Battery and Range:

ADO A20+: 10.4Ah Li-ion, 80km max range

PVY Z20 Pro: 10.4Ah Li-ion (18650m), 50-80km range

While the A20+ offers a higher estimated range, the Z20 Pro's use of 18650m cells combined with its torque-efficient motor ensures a competitive and reliable riding experience.


Weight and Portability:

ADO A20+: 24kg

PVY Z20 Pro: 22kg

The Z20 Pro is slightly lighter, making it easier to carry and maneuver. Its folding size is more compact, allowing for hassle-free transportation and storage.


Frame Material and Build:

ADO A20+: Aluminium alloy

PVY Z20 Pro: Aluminum alloy

Both models utilize high-quality aluminum alloy frames, providing durability without compromising on weight.


Braking System:

ADO A20+: Front and Rear Double disc brake

PVY Z20 Pro: Mechanical disk brake

The Z20 Pro employs a reliable mechanical disk brake system that offers responsive stopping power, ensuring a safe riding experience.


Transmission and Speed System:

ADO A20+: Shimano 7 speed

PVY Z20 Pro: Shimano 6 speed

The Z20 Pro's Shimano 6-speed system offers a versatile range of gears, allowing riders to tackle various terrains with ease.


Display and Additional Features:

ADO A20+: Basic controls

PVY Z20 Pro: Full-color display, integrated taillight with headlight, phone holder, USB charging

The Z20 Pro comes equipped with a feature-rich display and additional amenities that enhance the overall riding experience.


Max Load Capacity:

ADO A20+: 120kg

PVY Z20 Pro: 100kg

The ADO A20+ holds a slight advantage in terms of load capacity, but the Z20 Pro is still well-suited for most riders.



While both the ADO A20+ and PVY Z20 Pro are commendable folding electric bicycles, the Z20 Pro edges ahead with its impressive torque, lightweight design, and feature-rich display. Its thoughtful integration of components and competitive specifications make it the superior choice for riders seeking a reliable and enjoyable electric biking experience. Choose the Z20 Pro for a ride that combines power, comfort, and convenience seamlessly.

Oct 23, 2023